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Simple DIY Ideas for Furniture

A lot of DIY techniques and ideas are available to make the furniture and other accessories in the house look better. Today people have become so creative that they make they own furniture at home using simple tools and materials that are available indoors. Now when decorations and renovations are planned, paints play a significant role in adding beauty to the idea. Also there a lot of ways in which you can use paints in DIY techniques. So here are some of the ways in which you can make use of paints to improve the look of your furniture:

DIY Ideas for Furniture

Using bold colors:

Light colors are warm, but at times they are boring as well. That is the reason why when it comes to DIY, using bright colors are always given as a suggestion. All you now have to do is to look for a furniture that you wish to alter. If required use an electric orbital sander to remove the first layer of the painting that is already present to achieve a better finish. Then apply contrasting colors to the furniture and make it look young and active.

Wax on:

Giving your furniture a waxed finish not only makes your house look good but also they maintain the durability of the furniture. The added advantage of using wax finish is that they do not alter or kill the appearance of the furniture. They make it look new, glossier and desirable all the time. This is one of the simplest ways to maintain the look and the durability of the furniture both at the same time.

Matte finish:

Glossy furniture sets have become the order of the day but they cannot, however, outwit the idea of Matte finish paint furniture sets. In matte, as it is stated earlier we do not give the object a shiny touch. We simply double coat the furniture and make it look as bland as possible. The thick appearance that is caused by the paint makes the furniture look more rugged and strong adding more authenticity to the object.

Metallic paints:

Metallic paints are one among the quickest options to make your furniture look bright and beautiful. The beauty of metallic paints application is that you are making them look bright but they are very much different from the result that you get out of applying bold colors. Since they aren’t bold it doesn’t mean they give a bland matte finish. They stand somewhere in between and contribute to the attractive look of your house.

Primitive look:

No matter how modern the society becomes, traditional look and conventional styles add beauty to the house. The best thing about this DIY is that you can turn around any piece of furniture at home and give it an age-old and a primitive look. Remove the first layer of coating that is already present on the furniture. Then add different layers of paint to it to get the rustic look that you are expecting. There is something called a sealant that is used to seal the unfinished area. Use a sealant and complete your DIY process.

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